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I don't like living at home, I'd much rather spend all my time with you.
I had yet another blissful couple of days with my boo. I hate that I live so far, I mean, really I do. More than ever, but then again maybe not. I've always hated it here. I think spending time with Jovi is so perfect and I'd do it everyday if I could. Does anyone want to be my personal chauffeur? Any takers, any takers? I just think spending a night spoonin' with him is worth the two hour drive there and back, honestly. If there is a boy as darling as him that has the capability to make me super fucking happy like I am now, then I'm afraid it may be worth it. Ahhh, so on Friday we spent the day/night being cute as usual and then on Saturday we went to a gay club and I laid in a puddle of my own puke (which consisted only of free slurpees) and yelled at every girl that walked by "HAY LADIES I'M 19, BI AND JUST PUKED WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO MAKE OUT?!" I'm such a lady. Jovan gave me a massage with a cold water bottle for 2 hours straight haha, what could be better? Fucking seriously. Apparently I asked him out so you know, he's my boyfriend now and we're in love. Sike! Some lesbian named Stacey bought me free shots of vodka and I sucked out of his/her vag with a lime. I think I have herpes on my foot now.. cool. Somehow we made it to Longwood and then back to Korys house with me passed out with my head between my knees, woke up and threw mulch at Megan's window. Good thing I remember all of this.. Sunday we ate at Cici's again and I'm pretty sure I gave birth to a child on the way back home. I thought I was going to run out of gas driving on I-4 back home because I was sitting in still traffic for a good hour in front of Disney. Fucking sweet! I-4 is such a cunt. Back home, fucking pissed about that. Pissed off I can't find a job no matter how hard I try. I just want some fucking money dude, is that so hard to ask for?! At this point I might even apply at McDonalds.. eh, no wait hell no. I feel desperate for money, and I don't like feeling this way. I'm too pxnx for this! I guess I'm gonna go get drunk since I have nothing better to do at 3PM. leaveme some comments telling me how silly i am for being in love/all of you fuck off and go to hell
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